Receive Salary from UAE company

Is it possible to receive my salary paid from a UAE company in my revolut account if the payment is in euros?

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Yes, do they have a bank account in Europe?

No probably the money will be transferred form a UAE bank.

In that case they would need to send it to the pooled SWIFT for euro, but that is not the personalised one and they need to make sure to include your reference numbers, as it cant be assigned otherwise. Also, there will be probably SWIFT fees deducted.

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So although the account is a SEPA account it can receive money outside SEPA, as long as i am sharing with the company the exact account details, using the traditional SWIFT method?

That account would not be the SEPA account but the SWIFT account (hence my question from where they are wiring).

The SWIFT euro account is a pooled one (not personalised, hence the reference number) but if the funds arrive and can be properly assigned they will show up on your (overall) Revolut account.

The important bit is you tell your employer the full details (including the reference number) and that he’d be wiring it to an account that is not strictly in your name (as you will notice from the UI). Just once more, there will be likely SWIFT fees deducted from that amount.

But if SWIFT fees are okay and they can send it to the given details, it should be fine and you should receive it. Only other thing, make sure your account is verified.

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Thank you so much my friend for your time and response!

I was going to ask the same question but what would happen if the payment is in AED (Dirhams, Local currency).