Receive payment using link

Hello there,

How about adding an option of sending money to users by just using a link, where they put their credit card details and send money as simple as a click?

i think Paypal has this option, looks like this

What do you think?


That would be awesome! It should be added to the next update!!


Revolut has already registered a domain to obviously offer it: (WHOIS-Data shows that it’s exactly Revolut who registered that domain).

They obviously know the feature, as both their competitors PayPal ( as well as Monzo ( offer it. So I guess, they do have it on their agenda.

Revolut, can you tell us anything more about the time plan for this feature?

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Nice find. An online link for the P2P service would be fantastic.

It’s actually a huge reason for me to do all my bill splits and payments still via PayPal (except if there’s currency conversion involved). Nearly everyone of my friends can send me money via PayPal, but it’s just too much to ask everyone to open up a Revolut account on their mobile phone.

A website payment, especially if you don’t necessarily need to sign up, would be a big addition to spread the word. For security reason, you could still limit the amount of money receivable and other competitors do it to, so it should be possible.


I have to say this sounds really interesting, It’s making me consider Monzo in the future so I hope revolut can get this :slight_smile:

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Do you know if there is an option to generate just One payment link for receiving amount from multiple people.

For example, just share one link among 50 people to send me money.

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