Receive money from company/booki



As a standard user can i receive a money from company or bookie (like betsson , bet365 etc)

What about fees here?


Hey @Tumi :slight_smile:

Your question is answered in the FAQs:

You will have a personal EUR IBAN and GBP account in which you’ll be able to receive direct third party bank transfers.


ok thanks for info. What about fees etc? How look verification?


I need this information to receive money from company:

  • Name of Bank
  • Street
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Number of account
  • Banking Code
  • IBan Code
  • Codes (BIC/ABA/Swift)


Hey @Tumi :slight_smile:

First of all, I’m no :r: employee and my word should always be taken as a personal opinion.

Also in the FAQ. Be careful with SWIFT (non-SEPA, non-EUR).

Verification will be something you will be asked for. You can manually verify through the More tab, Profile and then Verification and limits. Verification might take a few days.

I’m no expert, but isn’t some of this info redundant? If the transfer is made within the EEA, IBAN should be everything they need,
About the rest, you can ask a support agent through the app, clicking the More tab again, then Support, live chat and type live agent :wink:

If you feel adventurous, here are some tips another forum user left: