Receive Card Payements


I need to receive payments from customers from Sweden, UK and Europe in SEK from their debit/credit cards. What is the best solution? Revolut personal account Request Money feature seeminly creates a link that asks them to join Revolut, which is not what I want as it puts off the customers.

Waiting for the answer.

Many Thanks
Dharma Patel

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Hello @dharma

If my thinking is correct, you are looking for a card payment gateway that would allow your customers to pay using credit/debit cards directly into your Revolut for Business account.

At the moment, this is not something that we do unfortunately. It seems like an interesting feature though so allow me to pass it for further consideration. Also, please take a look at our API reference as it may come in handy and could be used to your advantage: CLICK HERE


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Hi @rafael_revolut

Let me just bring this up. Is it already possible to use Revolut as payment gateway?

I’ve already implemented integrations with some payment gateways (Stripe, Converge, etc) but wanted to add Revolut as an option to receive payments from online registrations on a service, using credit cards.


Can you help me please

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