Receive a currency with no account

What will happen if a friend send me and I have no account for ? Will that be exchanged to primary currency? will a account be made? Or will the money be pending until I create a account? Just send an amount earlier this morning and they haven’t arrived at the receiver. He might not have an account in the currency.

Do you mean wire transfer?
If yes- to get money you have to give him (you friend) your account’s details.
Remember: each currency has its own account number.
If you give him details account in the same currency- exchange won’t be necessary.
In case of difference between currency of sent money and you account- money will be exchanged.

You need to be more specific. Which account no. did your friend use to send you money?

Sorry was in a hurry and forgot to mention that it was revolut to revolut. Figured it out that receiver didn’t checked the account for the specific currency. :grin: Thanks.

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