Reasons for account blocking - idea


Its maybe a good idea, to have a list here of main reasons why accounts are blocked by Revolut`s automated security system. I will start:

  • topup from different and also not verified cards ( why the hell you do that? no wonder that looks suspicious to the system )
  • loading wayyy to much funds in their accounts without even verifying their identities ( of course you need to have a proof of where all this funds came from, of course it look suspicious )


Using your card for the first time when abroad (you receive the card in Spain and the first use is in Malaysia)


Many people use this card only abroad. Because it does not make sense to use EUR card for BGN purchases and pay a fee for the currency conversion (hidden fee or not).

Most people already have a card for their domestic payments and don’t use their Revolut card for those.


it makes perfectly sense if your local bank is slower and more expensive in taxes than revolut :slight_smile:


I am using bank notes for payments offline.

It’s a political protest against war on cash. My intention is to hurt the Visa/mastercard/bank cartel.

I am using bank payments only when necessary and I try to pay the less possible fees.