really unhappy with service


Okay so I’m fuming. I have uploaded pics of my passport for verification.
And it’s still not verified. I have tried contacting support but no one responds… I have waited up all last night incase there’s a time difference where there head office is. And to top it off, I tried the number hoping to talk to someone but my card just got blocked and I had to pay another £10 to get a new card. I want my money transferred back to my account and I never want to use this again. My first experience with this company is awful.


Hey @taurustori :slight_smile:

First of all, stop fuming and ask before. Blocking a card through the phone can easily be undone from the app, no need to spend any money. This is clearly written in the FAQs.

About verifications taking longer than 12 hours… Revolut is currently onboarding a lot of customers, and most verifications are instant, but a few days to be verified is not crazy or unreasonable


So it takes 4 days to verify? I have been asking for help but no one responds. I had an emergency over the weekend and had no money to get to the hospital


Hi there.

Let me first apologise for the delay in getting back to you. As I can you have not blocked your cards because your account is still unverified therefore your cards are still not active.

I’ve escalated your case to our compliance team and an agent will get in touch with you shortly.


Andreas K.