Really bad customer service

I asked for information about a wire that was sent to me last week but still not received.
It passed 24 hours from the first time I tried to chat with a live agent and they bounced me from agent to agent, the first one passed my issue tro transfer department, after like 4 hours the other agent told me that he should have talked with another department and told me I would have needed to wait till today, for now anyone contacted me.
Is this normal?!
Is it possible that to understand where my money is I have to wait all this time?
I don’t think so.
This is one of the worst customer service experience i ve ever had.


Seems to be a common theme on this forum.


Depending on when it was sent and where from it might be still on the way.

Hello, what is the transfer SEPA or SWIFT? When the transfer was executed?

Actually from what I understood the company paid me using my Local Account in UK, then sort code and account number, but they did an international wire, from Belgium, getting the IBAN information from internet, and it turned out that the IBAN is linked with Prepay Technologies LTD. It s a NON SEPA transfer, they made it last wednesday , I was told by Revolut support one hour ago (after 24 hours bouncing from department to department) that they are checking with their “Processor” so I need to wait for their updates. This sounds unbelievable to me, it really sounds they have no idea how to solve an issue when there s an issue and most of all it seems that there’s no way for them to check on their clients accounts, and this is so bad cause I am in the hands of a webchat, this thing they don’ t have a phone number is just crazy!

So a SWIFT transfer. Assuming they changed the account data they most likely did not provide the necessary reference number and assuming they actually wired it to the right account it will probably arrive at some point but Revolut wont be able to assign it.

You need to find out how it was wired and if it was via SWIFT to the pooled GBP account you need to provide the necessary proof of the transaction so it can be tracked and assigned to your account.

Time-wise they are still within an acceptable range, SWIFT can take some time.

The thing is that the company that paid me used my local account information instead the SWIFT one which I see are different and referring to LLOYDS bank, while for the local account seems to be linked to PREPAY TECHNOLOGIES LTD . So I am sure they used the local account information to issue an international wire. What I would like to understand is : Will they refund the wire to the sender? Also, I provided to Revolut the wire copy with all the details and references regarding the wire, @alessandro according to your experience, with these proofs can they assign the amount on my account once they see it?
Thanks for your help!

I dont think this would work. They either use the domestic British code or the SWIFT IBAN, but not both.


If they actually received the money and you provided them with the details they should be able to find the funds and assign them to your account.

Let me be more clear : Before they issued the wire, I provided to this company the sort code and the account number (Local account).
Basing on these two numbers, the company retrieved the IBAN, and since the company is in Belgium they sent this payment in GBP to this IBAN they retrieved from my sort code and account number.
Now, do you think that Revolut will get this money and thanks to the wire proof I gave to them they will assign it to me? Or since they should have used the SWIFT but they did not ,this money will bounce back to sender s account?
Thanks again…

It sure looks like your company did a shitty job when filling the transfer. They may have forget the Reference Number or send a SWIFT transfer to your SEPA account…

Anyway, just check what was done on their side before complaining about :r:

It s not about the reference number. They used my local account infos to issue the payment, so they didn t take into account the SWIFT information, just the LOCAL one
One thing I cannot understand is : why if I receive a SWIFT transfer is with LLOYDS bank and a LOCAL one is with Prepay Technologies ltd?!
And I am not complaining about Revolut without a motivation. The thing is that even if the issue is on the company side, it s really absurd that I have to waste time to understand it on a forum while I could have called a customer service,but here it seems that the only way to understand something on a subject completely unknown to me is to hope that someone will reply you maybe after 2 days on a webchat! I was just complaining about the customer service that is too slow and can cause big issues.

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Only Revolut can tell you that. That is not a standard scenario and I cant even say if such a transfer arrives.

They still made an international transaction and there is a chance that cant be assigned to your account because of this and in that case it would be about the reference number.

But again, only Revolut can track that.

Well, Revolut doesnt offer phone support. If that doesnt work for you, you should probably switch to another provider. But yes, Revolut’s online support is not that great either, but that is an open secret.

If they did SWIFT transfer using the local info I think the money will bounce back…

Thanks guys, I appreciated your support even if you are not working for Revolut.
I really hope this issue is going to be solved soon.

I’d pester them on Twitter and contact the support staff directly here via private message. These are usually the most successful approaches.

Eventually they said me that I need to wait up to 20 days to see these funds or I can ask my company to recall this money.
Can’t wait to get rid of this mess!

Out of the blue, Revolut started to ask me dozens of questions and documents, for amounts as small as EUR 40. I’m a regular user, charging my account with credit cards, and doing a few transfers here and there, nothing fancy, but now I cannot top up my account until I send them the requested documents. I sent them 2 times all the documents they are asking, but of course they ask more and more, they are asking for my tax statement, documents from my companies, contracts with clients etc… crazy!

The problem I have is that I have a chat open with a Revolut guy, he’s sending me 1 message per day, I keep asking him to transfer the chat to someone more competent, but nothing happens. And apart from the chat, there is no other way to contact anyone, so I am stuck with this guy until he decides to communicate.

Really lame service, I do not recommend anymore their services

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