Real Time Email Alerts and Notifications


Hi everybody!

After nearly a year using the Revolut app and card I’d like to propose the following improvement.

The idea would be to receive instant (or ‘real time’) email notifications whenever using the Revolut card. That would tell us at once which spending - ie name of the merchant, amount and currency, date, time and location- has just been made.

Though I thought it was useless at first I realized then how useful it would be… using a rival app that enables it. Of course on Android and IOS you can get these notifications from your phone. But it’s definitely not the same as receiving an email. Even when we allow notifications from an app some event can occur on the phone and prevent us from seeing them.

Plus if you use two smartphones whose one of them does not have Revolut installed on it – either for security, corporate, technical, obsolescence reasons – it is not that convenient choosing the Revolut card to pay.

Besides it will enable a double check on spendings that can be of great use in some social life circumstances. I am thinking for instance about bars, restaurants and clubs expenses. I was once charged 200 euros instead of 20 euros in some club (surprisingly enough the opposite did not happen to me :wink: ). Having such a double check thanks to an instant email would have been of a great relief.

At last searching in our emails would allow to find a past transaction.

So for all of those who

  • have two smartphones

  • have lost their master phone

  • have been stolen their master phone

  • want a double check on their Revolut transactions

  • want to keep an easy and automatic record of their transactions

It can be a great help when using Revolut.

What do you think?