reactivate photo permission for account verification?

hello newbie here, just accidentally denied photo access when attempting verification. Now each time I go back in after rebooting phone or logging out, it still will not let me verify and I cannot see any option to turn photo access back on. I cannot find any menus in personal profile or anywhere else either. thanks.

Just reinstall the app

will I lose my entered data or deposit information?

After reinstallation you have to log in then you will get all your information. Please be sure that you are typing the same number which you used to create an account.

thanks much, but how do I reinstall app? How do I uninstall or just download it again from google playstore?

Exactly as you’ve written- uninstall it then install again from Google play

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Photo? You mean Camera? On Android?

You can simply open the application’s details and allow that permission in the permissions list.