Reactivate deactivated accounts

After the update of the app I can’t find where I can reactivate my deactivated accounts. Any help would appreciated.

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Found it :ok_hand: and the 20 characters.

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How did you do it? I’m still looking for it.

Looking forward to enroll myself in a college degree to learn how to deal with this interface. I’ve been trying to activate another currency for like 2 hours. This is just wrong. :laughing:

On your profile page you can add an reactivate/deactivated you accounts.

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Worked, thank you! :slight_smile:

That part of the interface is exactly as It was before - no change.

It was possible to add another currency account by clicking a button on the interface, it doesn’t seem to work now.

Before you could access them from the front screen. Never been around my profile page before now to manage accounts.


Never mentioned it was a wrong move from revolut, just couldn’t find it after update. That was my issue. They can please it anywhere they want as long as I know where to find it :wink: