Re-Design «Dashboard» for Standard Users

Good Evening Revolut Community,

As lots of Standard Users, I used to click a lot on the Dashboard button to see my different Accounts, Vault, Convertor, etc…

However, lines presentation are not convenient for me as there are lots of information on the phone screen.

My idea would be to create “Icons” that could be a Square.
That will show an innovative face and make the app visually better to click on each section.

I know this presentation in Square is only available for Premium and Metal Users but could be improved for Standard Users as the visual is also important for every users.

Also, this “too much info” can be seen with the option : “Upgrade subscriptions” where we can see there are not lots of spaces to put it here.

Hope that will be taking in consideration in the future.

Have a nice evening.

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Could you go inti more detail and maybe mockup some images?

I’m struggling to understand what you’re asking for

Yes sure.

When you click on the Dashboard, you have that :

And I think it is more convenient and also visually it is better to have this kind of presentation for each category in the DashBoard as the following :

Each category as Accounts Category , Vault category, Convertor category could have this design Square (as N26 is doing it).
Revolut gets better options but could improve the Dashboard interface in my opinion.

Hope it is clearer.

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I would prefer if they had N26 style layout on the dashboard too actually, now that I think about it. Especially if they can support dragging conversions :slight_smile:

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And also I know Premium and Metal Users have an other layout for the Dashboard section.

I have this screenshot from an influencer :

My good sir, this is version 5 of the app

No one liked this screen and that’s why they changed it :grimacing:

I’m a metal customer and my layout is similar to yours

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This is the old presentation. Even metal users have the widgets style.

I mean it was only for the Square design that’s it