Re-activating the card


Hello, I wrote in the chat but I got a very long waiting time, so I’m trying here too. Ordered a card last month and it was supposed to arrive on June 1st. On June 6th I re-ordered it, deactivating the first one. Now, almost two weeks after it was supposed to arrive I got it in the mail, but I can’t use it since is deactivated. Can you activate the first one, the one I already received, and deactivate the second one?
Thank you!


Is there a problem with the second card? Why cant you simply use that one?


I can’t use the second card because that one didn’t arrived.
Ordered one, came two weeks late, and in the meantime I ordered the second one. While ordering the second one, the first got deactivated.


I have reactivated both cards so you can use them :wink:


hi Andreask can you help me to reactivate my card


Sure, can you double check now?


Hi Andreas, Just checked the card there and is reactivated, toped up £10 to confirm, thanks.

Question, card security section, does toggling on confirm that you switch of ie… contactless or switch on??

p.s this is a little cheeky request but do you have a promo code for a second card so i could use it as a pocket money card, emergency card for daughter 12. Coming a teenager soon so bank of dad on horizon, ha

Again thanks for help reactivating card live in northern Ireland here so handy for photo trips to republic of Ireland and the euro

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