Rating the vendor


I see we can now rate vendors with 1-5 stars.

However, I can only see my rating. Before with the thumbs up/down I could see what others have rated the vendor.



Check out this screenshot

…so you’re not seeing the section in the bottom? Is that what you’re referring to? Have you updated the app recently (what version are you on?) and what OS?

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That’s the old version. This is the new iOS version. I upgraded today and now have this…


Got a friend of mine who has IOS and confirmed what you’re seeing. It seems that the experience between Android and IOS differs in this regard (and possibly others).


Why use the rating system?
What does it give me?


I have this on iOS


The “update” is worse than the original.


Maybe some A/B testing to see what is most preferred?

Personally I think merchant reviews should exist as well as the star system, like I’ve had merchants I don’t particularly dislike but I wouldn’t go back there by choice.