Rates, Conversions and Alerts


I added an alert for €1 ≈ £0.90, the alert added but displayed as “£0.9”, and it deleted all my pairs on the Rates tab. Did you guys even test the main feature of your UI? (currency tracking and conversion seemed to be advertised as your main feature, it’s the reason I signed up anyway)


0.9 is the same as 0.90, 0.900 and so. :grimacing:

I have alerts on some crypto and seems they’re working


I know that 0.9 = 0.90, I’m not being stupid here but we say 90p not £0.9, do you know anyone who says “point nine of a euro” instead of “90 eurocents”?


Formatting currencies is not tied to how it is pronounced. Using the decimal is an international standard for formatting currencies. It is described by the EU Union as well as a ISO standard.

Also you can look up ANY site that lists currency pairs etc. and see the same formatting.


If it indeed deleted all your currency pairs, that is a bug and should be looked into. But are you sure that you were not looking at the wrong tab ?


Not in the UK. We have both 10ths and 100ths of price labels filled, even if the price is £1.00


Again, I’m not being stupid and was indeed looking at an empty rates tab.


We have too with 25øre. But that is not the standard for formatting currencies. Please find any other bank or institution that will format 0.9 GBP as 90p


I said £0.90… you are deliberately ignoring what I’m typing and assuming I am stupid


I am not. I don’t have that symbol on my keyboard so i am using the ISO 4217 currency name.

Edit: Just saying you are wrong.


Well every banking app I’ve used except revolut shows £0.90, not £0.9, and besides, the main bug was that it deleted all my pairs in the rates tab, which I was indeed looking at as you assumed I wasn’t and had to ask me to clarify if I was even looking at the rates tab.


Well apparently i owe you an apology. Here are the unicode rules for formatting currencies


See the DEFAULT for fractions. It specifies 2 digits.


Oh, enlightening for me too - it seems I also owe you an apology as I wasn’t aware so many others actually do use 0