Rate Differences

This morning I checked the exchange rate on Revolut GBP to Euro, it stood at €1.1432 to the pound so I exchanged £400.00 GBP. To my surprise I only got €446.00 Euros or nearly €1.12 , whys is there sucha difference?

Hi there …
Today highest rate was 1.1410 £ to €
Lowest was 1.1376 £ to €
Have you exceeded your monthly exchange limit ?
Bit weird,cause your exchange was quite lower …

No Ares that is the only exchange I have made since May 11th. I say the 11th because that’s my statement date. I have just gone back in to my Revolut account and now I have €456.20 euros 1.14, I don’t understand that but the outcome is correct. Thanks for your interest

Maybe some glitch,good it’s ok now.