Rate Alerts


I have set up numerous rate alerts and not received a single notification that the rate has been reached.

Why is this happening?

How do i fix it?

Don’t see what the point is of setting these rate alerts if you do not get a notification when the desired rate has been reached.




Maybe you’ve done something wrong… My alerts work (Revolut 5.10, Android 7.0)



My alerts work too. Well, actually singular, so far I received one but it also reached the threshold only that one time.



What could I be doing wrong though? I set the alert and don’t get a notification



Ok, which app’s revision, which system?



My issue is that I have alerts set up for GBP/TRY.

This a very volatile match and changes and corresponding alerts happen very frequently.

Recently I have been alerted that the alert has reached 8.50.

When I check the actual rate within the app, as well as looking at the days high and low, the 8.50 is way out of the range.

The days low so far is 8.26 and the days high so far is 8.31.

How on earth can the alert at 8.50 be triggered?




Me too I am not sure if it works or not.

A couple of times I have needed an alert for example I set one for GBPUSD going below 1.30 but one day I checked the rate and it had gone from something like 1.32 to 1.29 with no alert in the meantime. Then I set another alert at 1.28 for when the rate went back through 1.30 but didn’t get that either. I figured maybe I just missed it in the revolut notifications blizzard as I use my card several times most days and get notified about each purchase. Would be good if I could rely on alerts though.



Encountered this as well since the first version with rate alerts. As I recall, one support agent mentioned that the rate shown there is different (higher seems to be the case) because it is the rate calculated the other way round.
To understand, an example:
at this moment 1 EUR = 0.89 GBP
you will be shown an alert for selling 1 EUR = 0.9 GBP (meaning that 1 GBP = 1.11 EUR), when the buy price for EUR is 0.9 GBP. But, since you cannot buy and sell a currency at the same value (revo or the exchange has to make money from the differences :money_mouth_face:), then when you won’t see the rate for selling 1 EUR when alerted to be the desired one.
It makes sense in that the numbers are not wrong, it’s just confusing and a bad user experience.
To test this, try to sell 1 EUR that even if you will get a return of 0.891 GBP, by tapping Price Alert you will be shown that 1 EUR = 0.8913 GBP :open_mouth:
What I am doing to circumvent this is guess what Price Alert value will lead to my actual desired rate.