Rate alerts


How about introducing the possibility to create rate alerts? I’ve seen it’s been already said during last year but I guess there is still no way of doing that.
I actually need to use other apps to generate rate alerts in order to change money at the best rates for me! By I ntroducing this feature people like me won’t need another app anymore!


Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

This is something we’re looking into it :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


Exactly at this I was thinking just few mins before. Especially for crypto:

Having a widget which will show the rates all the time without to enter in the app (and, maybe show the balance in crypto and base currency). If someone unblock my phone with TouchID means can unblock the app too, so an detailed widget is welcomed :kissing_heart:

Being able to set up an automatic exchange if the set price decrease or increase by x%; just in case… to not cry in a morning :smile:

Also alert, like: Hey yo, hooman, your XYZ currency (other than the base) decreased its value by 20% compared to your base currency (or another one)!

This would be very helpful for me as I’m not holding the ballance in the base currency (just top up in base currency) as I don’t trust it (inflation) so I hold funds in Euro or USD (but I’m afraid Mr. T. migh do something bad)