Rate alerts for base currencies


I think it would be good if you could set up an alert that notifies you when your chosen base currency exchange rate hits value you could set. This would allow you to lock in a good rate before you travel

Rate Change Notification Triggers
Notify or auto convert on exchange threshold
Automated Exchange based on Exchange Rate

Hi @Matt,

Thank you for your suggestion. We’re looking to see if this is a possibility. Once, we’ve more information we’ll announce.


I agree - this would be a great feature as would be the option of the ability to do a transaction when a rate is hit - in either direction (to save me having to load the app and then do a transaction and possibly miss the rate). for example during brexit GBP dumped and having this feature could have saved me a few EUR for my hols !!


Any updates on this idea, i think it would be great if the exchange rate target once set then automatically carried out the transaction when said rate was achieved.



Gonna give this a bump. :top:

I would like to think this might still be on the wishlist somewhere, as notifications or even as a trigger to convert funds from one base currency to another if a certain rate gets hit. Keep the customers happy by helping them save the moneh! :moneybag: :stuck_out_tongue: