Rant: Support still abysmal

This openly is a rant :slight_smile:

I wonder if Revolut will ever manage to get competent support. I had three support chats today and only one provided a somewhat decent response and that was about a simple question about the date in each month when my account resets.

The other two were related to seemingly incomprehensibly more complex topics and both support agents left the impression they didnt really read my questions, respectively didnt understand them. Their initial responses were simply inadequate and they asked for things I had already clarified.

It took numerous attempts of repeating the question in order to eventually get a responses which still are not fully convincing.


I asked something relatively simple: why block my payment to my trading broker

So they told me it wasn’t a supported merchant, to which I asked if I could bank transfer it

So I asked why I can do one and not the other once they told me I could

You can see it in setting menu…
Under price plan👍


Actually the way I’d like to use Revolut would require me to “change that setting” :slight_smile: but Revolut simply still does not manage to instil confidence in their service.