Random friends dissapear from the list of revolut users


Yesterday I tried to send money to a friend that I know is a revolut user. Unfortunately, that friend was not recognised by the app as a revolut user. I tried to clear the cache and data but this didn’t fix the issue. I reinstalled the app and this fixed the issue partially. Now my friend is on the list but another one disappeared. My contact list has consistent info (phone numbers are correct).
I am running the latest Revolut app on android 6.0.1.
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Hi there,

If a contact does not start with “+” and the international code (ie +44 for UK), Revolut does not recognise it as Revolut user.

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Yup! Make sure the phone numbers start with the country codes!


Hi @Emanuele @AndreasK.
I double checked and the numbers are with the country code so this is not the reason of the issue. This is a bug for sure.
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@AndreasK @revolut Any confirmation regarding this issue? I still have this issue.


Hey, sorry I was on holidays!

Are you using the new version of the app?


@AndreasK @revolut Yes, I always use the latest version of the app. The bug is still there.


Hi @stcosmin,

Could you please confirm whether they completely disappear or only not shown as rev users


@AndreasK @revolut They not shown as revolut users. In this moment I am aware of a friend of mine that use revolut, is in my phonebook with the international phone number (the number that he used to create the revolut account) but is not visible as a revolut user.


Sorry I was not able to find the function to open an own ticket. I have 0 “friends on revolut” while at my friends apps I show up and they also can send me money etc. very annoying . why don’t even those show up I already exchanged money with?
latest app on Android. tried reinstalling / delete cache / install. didn’t help. granted access to my phones contacts. the long list also shows upbut only as “not on revolut”