Raise account limits due to cryptocurrency gains - URGENT


Hi all,

I made some successful investments into a number of cryptos last year, and now am in the process of transferring some of my profits to Revolut (to convert euros to gbp) before sending to my bank. I have however hit my limits, and need to raise them. I could send them pictures of bank statement (to show evidence of my annual income), however this has nothing to do with crypto profits. I tried speaking to someone on the chat, however they were no help at all, didn’t even read my question and gave me some generic response regarding raising limits. Dave (his name), then quickly disregarded the conversation and said he had referred me to someone else who will help me, not before telling me it might be a long time until I get a response.

I am frustrated, as I have a large amount of money ‘frozen’, which I cannot access, and I have no one to speak to what so ever! I am paying premium for a truly terrible service. Please can someone help!


Yes, I am very curious what will happen when I hit my really low annual limit (almost at 30% in 2 weeks and it was already raised by providing pay slips). The money that are going trough Revolut account don’t necessary need to have something to do with the salary income. I have a lot of savings that I want to move trough Revolut, or invest in crypto.


Hi there.

In regards your pending transfer, please note that the pending transfer to your Revolut account will be automatically be assigned to your account, once you have increased your annual top up limits. In order to increase your annual top-up limits, you’ll need to provide official documents showing the transactions that generated the funds used to top up your Revolut account, along with a copy of a bank statement showing the funds entering/leaving a personal bank account in your name.