Rainbow Card 2020

Hi, does anyone know if Revolut will make Rainbow cards again this year?

Hopefully not but probably as a nice little marketing gimmick. Yet another year of turning LGBT people into revenue

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@Recchan I joined :r: this year and I was pleased to receive it :sweat_smile: I just wanted to understand, if maybe they did it again.

@Mattia95 They said early 2020 that they would.

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Well if they said so at the beginning of the year, I hope the opportunity to request it will come soon! Do you remember how it worked last year?

It appeared as a color option for the plastic card in the cards section. They also announce availability on social media. One could just order them like any other card until they sold out.

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I meant, did I have to pay for the shipping or did I have to donate to something? Just to understand how it works.

No requirements. Can’t remember details about shipping costs, but I believe they were free for all users.


Well @Frank, thank you so much for the information.

Correct! No shipping costs.

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What is current physical card limit for standart account ?

it’s 3, for all accounts

Once I have ordered the rainbow card, can I remove the classic one? :thinking:

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yes, you can remove the old one :slight_smile: tap on the dots on top of the card or it might be in card settings now actually

Will the card still be usable in the future if I put it back?

Last year was Mastercard :confused:

They also showed mastercard in twitters post. Can user choose visa/mastercard or it will be lottery? :thinking:

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I think the Mastercard circuit is better

not if you remove it, it’s gone for good