"R" Visa Not recognized by ATM

Hi there! I just received my new “r” Visa and tried to make a pin code transaction in a ATM (Eurobank & National Bank) in Greece! From both I Itook the message “Card Not Recognized” .Any help please? Thank you!

I also received my revolut visa in Greece a few days ago and tried to use it at ATMs of all the major banks (alpha bank,eurobank,nbg,piraeus) without luck. Card not accepted or invalid card or card cannot be used in our network were the messages and I was not even prompted for PIN.
I don’t know if it has to do with the greek capital controls and the fact that the card appears to be a prepaid. I only managed to use it with a euronet atm (they are extremely scarce) for getting cash.
I had no problem using it for physical shop purchases (pos in shop) or registering it in Paypal.
But for paying an electricity bill online (dei.gr) i got the message card not accepted.
If I knew it cannot be used in the most greek ATMs i would have opted for the mastercard instead…

Hi there! Please take a look at this post!! same problem and the solution!

Dear Revolut team this is not a problem with magnetic stripe my card works in other cash machines and in shops BUT is not recognised by Alpha Bank cash machines.
Please investigate why ad this is annoying when you need to run around searching for other cash machines.

Hi and thanks for your reply!
I doubt this is the case (demagnetization) because a) the card was completely new when I first tried and b) i tried reading the magstripe at a merchant’s POS and it confirmed that card was successfully read with the first attempt…
I am talking with revolut support to find a solution.
Today I retried 3 of the ATMs and to my surprise one of them (nbg one) appeared to accept it! The same machine rejected the card a few days ago.
But still the other two ones rejected the card.

Hi Kontheo,
I have both Visa and MasterCard Revolut cards and I don’t have any problem with the banks ATM (alpha bank, eurobank, NBG). I never try pirews bank. The only problem was one time that my card didn’t recognized by the POS terminal and the merchant try with magstripe and after the authorization was declined. I dont know why! maybe @anon33247966 will help about this!

Hi there. I can see you have managed to resolve this. Super :slight_smile: