R = Retail

A recent post highlights the Croatian situation of different retailer charges for different card types.

Retailer charges, machine hire charges, annual charges could be a thing of the past for some transactions if payment was made by :r: .

Customer and Retailer would benefit from the instant payment with notification.
All it needs is a new retailer account type - and some " :r: here" window stickers!

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there are business accounts, but unfortunately they don’t have tools for retail (physical or online) yet

What you describe her is the acquirer business. Revolt is currently only active in the issuing business.

Theoretically a business in the EEA could use an acquirer from another EEA country, but this is not so trivial, especially if the local market knows card types specific to a given local market.

I didn’t make myself clear.
I don’t see any need for Revolut becoming an acquirer, just a new form of Revolut customer, perhaps “retailer” where the Revolut T&C are geared towards both parties needs and that of regulation.

So you envision a kind of Revolut internal transfer from customer to retailer?

would the ability of paying via QR or NFC to the seller’s phone, or a web interface to let a third party pay into your revolut business account require revolut to become an acquirer?

QR is a good simple idea to link the one off payment from the customer to the retailer without adding phone numbers. Doesn’t require hardware but could be printed on the retailers ":r: " sign.
Depends on how easy it is to implement for :r: s programers?

Thats it. The only “middle man” is :r: See my later post about QR codes for the merchant.

Hey, I am from Croatia. We use myposeu (maestro, mastercard, visa with 2% fee and no monthly fees, the card reading device was approx. 400 kn one time), agentcash (for online sales; maestro, mastercard, visa with 2% fee and no monthly fees), icard (buyer have to use their wallet app, 1%+0.80kn, and buyer pays 3 hrk for larger amounts or 0.5% min 0.80 hrk for top-up their wallet) and settle (they have qr code, still in beta, no fees, buyer have to use their wallet app).

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Many thanks for the cost data. So as a merchant would the :r: = Retail idea appeal to you?(Beautiful Country!)

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Yes, it would. Revolut is expanding drastically across Croatia, I see a lot of their cards here, a lot of us are using Revolut. Especially because of bad laws and huge fees (monthly, FX fees, transferring HRK to EUR fees) that our banks imposes to us (only one bank has no monthly fees for private customers - HPB) . Revolut is much easier to use than mobile/internet services from our banks, and most importantly - it works, it is not a semi-service offered by banks in Croatia (sometimes you are not able to see your real balance and transactions are not showing in real time - everything is delayed for minimum 48 hours). Yes, Croatia is a beautiful country, full of cool places and landscapes and natural beauties (our President is one of them*) , but … (and I’ll stop here)

*that was a joke