Quicker way to see balance in other currencies.


Hi Everyone,

The thing is I normally topup GBP but I spend it in a country with different currency. So I normally open Revolut first to check my balance, then I open xe.com to see the same amount in HUF for example. Then I close xe.com and return to Revolut to manage things. This is a bit time consuming, I am sure we can do this better. I know we have exchange button and converter but it’s well hidden in the app and takes a lot of taps to open so I just never use it.

It would be great to have a feature in the app that would show my current balance in another selected currency, maybe in brackets under the main balance based on the exchange rates in your converter so when I open accounts tab I would see the balance in GBP and at the same time the conversion to HUF for example.

Do you think you can implement something like this in the future?