Quick Feedback Survey - Revolut Home Screen

Hi everyone :wave:

We’d love to understand a bit more about your needs when it comes to your banking app home screen. Could you please complete this 2 minute survey?

Link to a survey

Thank you for your help :rocket:
Team Revolut



A suggestion/idea make these surveys available through Typeform or other platforms as not everyone has a Google account and/or is interested in getting an Google account which is mandatory to fill this survey in :wink: .

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Thanks for the comment @Youssf, no need to sign in with Google anymore, any email account will do


I like the home screen as it is. But it would be nice if we could stop the “suggested for you” section from appearing by itself every once in a while. When I open the app, I know full well what I want to do, and I know where to find it. I don’t need suggestions. It would be awesome if they were optional.


On the home screen I would like to have just the “Accounts” and “Cards” sections as I think these are the most used.
Everything else can be accessed from the Hub and, in my case, is less used, or not used at all.
I was able to remove the sections I’m not interested in from the home screen, but “Suggested for you” I just can’t seem to get rid of.

You can customize that. Tap one of the tabs and hold it tapped for two seconds, and you’ll be given the option to remove those you don’t need.
And vice-versa, you can pin other pages there, should you wish to. The order they’re listed in is also editable.

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That’s a nice trick.
Thank you :slight_smile: