Questions from a noobie!

The reason I got the card is to mostly pay for regular and ad hoc online bills, using dollars. i.e. web hosting, online services etc. I am based in the UK but use many US based services.

  1. Do I pay money from my UK bank account into a GBP account. Then, when I need to make a payment in dollars, the card will auto convert the currency on the fly?


  1. Do I pay money into the GBP account and then move the money from that GBP account into the USD account. Then, when I want to pay an online bill in dollars, it takes it from there?

  2. If you have money in both the GBP and USD accounts, and pay for something in dollars, does the card automatically deduct in the appropriate currency? I ask because I am assuming the card details are the same, despite holding multiple currencies.

  3. For my web hosting, they automatically take money from my HSBC UK credit card. Can this same type of setup be done but take it from my Revolut card too? Or do I have to manually intervene?



Hi Jon, all your questions are answered in the FAQs, I believe. It’s a good read, i recommend it. Plenty of useful details about how it works. In short: you can but you don’t have to exchange beforehand.


I did read the FAQ, but I didn’t see it covering what I asked, or at least not all the points.

Hey @Jon12345 :slight_smile:


If you didn’t manually exchanged it in the app, it will be converted on the fly, yes

Yes, provided you have enough balance there. If not, it would convert from your home currency and, if that’s also not enough by itself, it would go for the largest balance.

Probably yes :wink:

And, I have to agree with @Frank. This is explained in the FAQs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for that. I’m all ready to go. I’ve had enough with extortionate fees!