Questions for personal UK account


Hey guys,

I’ve activated two currency accounts for topping up my Revolut account (GBP and Euro). I am German nationality but I moved to UK (finally having a permanent address). Now I’ve got a couple of questions, about what I can do with the UK account:
1.) Is Direct Debit supported by now? If not, when does the feature come?
2.) Is the salary affected by the daily top-up limit? (i ask because the salary comes with one bank transfer)
3.) What happens if daily or annual limit is reached?
4.) I often need to look up the information about the bank accounts, but I always need to click through “top up -> bank transfer -> currency” to reach it (a bit annoying for UX)

Other than that, great job! Without Revolut my life in London would be very limited by now :slight_smile:


Hi @timm,

in short:

No direct debit yet (and no date as far as I know). I recommend the blog article about the UK current account.

The daily top up limit is for top ups with added debit cards. There is no daily limit for transfers.

Check out the FAQs about raising the annual limit.

You can send yourself or someone else the bank details you need to look up often via the share button and keep them somewhere easier accessible if you want.