Questions about Savings

I recently joined the Savings program. I thought it would be interesting to earn interest instead of having it sleeping in a Vault.

But I couldn’t find easy answers to straightforward questions I have : what is the legal difference between money put in a Vault and money invested on a Savings account ? Why did it make me join the Trading system ? Is my investment at risk, or is the annual yield just basically guaranteed ?

Thanks !

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I suggest to google “money market funds”. You should be able to find plenty of informations and answers to all your questions.


Thanks, that helps a lot! I’d also like to know the T&C and the guarantees that :r: themselves are providing to our Savings account.

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Go to Revolut’s website, look for “Revolut Securities Europe UAB Terms and Conditions”.


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Veda | Community Team

I got two questions too

The first:

The notification called “Trading volatility alerts”

Does it work for Savings Flexible Account?
Or is it just for the volatility of stocks?

The second:

if i have two savings flexible account one in euros and another in pounds. The protection until 22.000€ is for each savings account or in global? (by the Liabilities to Investors Insurance Scheme of the Republic of Lithuania)

Hey, did you ever get an answer to your second question?

Not yet :frowning: but i think 22k are in global