Questions about Premium


Q1: If I get premium will I still only have £25.000 top up limit a year?

Q2: With premium how much can I exchange per month?

Q3: Turbo transfers, so if I deposit from my Revolut to a Business using bank transfer, will they will get it instant? In my case will Bitstamp receive my deposit instant, will I see it in my account on Bitstamp right away?

Q4: Does turbo transfer work when I make a withdraw from Coinbase to Revolut (using SEPA)

  • 1 Top up limit is not related to the premium plan
  • 2 Unlimited, no fee
  • 3 Check FAQs for this. This varies by the transfer method that is used.
  • 4 Turbo transfers are only outgoing transfers


Q1. So how much is the top up limit with premium per year?

Q3. Sepa, will it be on Bitstamp right away?


Check the FAQs. Top up limit is personal (not general). SEPA transfers are not instant.