Questions about geo-location and network


Hi all,
Do we know what is the criteria used by geo-location when the security feature is enabled? What is the range the phone and the card must be within? Is it a few cm, meters, same postcode, same city, same country? Can I go out, leave my phone home and still be able to use the card with geo-security on?
Say I lose my phone and geo is on, how do I manage to disable the geo-security? I think a web-portal might help here.
Finally, what are the network requirements, if any, for the phone, in order for the physical card to work? Do the phone need to be connected to 3g/4g, or Wi-Fi? Or will I be able to use the card even if the phone is switched off?
Thank you for any answer.


As far as I know:

  • It’s based on the country, not a specific location. E.g. you’re in the UK, someone uses your card in China, it will block the transaction (you will still see the blocked attempt in your account though)
  • If you lose your phone, whoever finds it will either give it back (police, directly to you etc), or steal it (= turn it off immediately + reset). I don’t really think someone will have your phone, keep it on and travel abroad … anyway, you can always contact revolut via facebook/twitter/here to ask them to disable the feature on your card, and re-order a new sim ASAP. Also nowadays with iPhones/Android phones you can remotely reset your phone if stolen.
  • The physical card works even if your phone doesn’t have any network connectivity, out of battery etc (I’ve tested it). My guess is they take the last known location (=country).

I think this feature is to be safe against one of the biggest thing that happens: someone copies your card in europe/US, etc, and somehow a payment is done in Asia somewhere. This happens more than you could think. For this type of situation, their security is great.