Question/Salary from the EU institutions?



I would like to list my Revolut card as my bank account for receiving salary from one of the EU institutions in Brussels. They require for the financial form to be stamped and signed by the bank. My question is - can I scan the financial form with my Revolut bank account details and have it sent to Revolut via email (or any other electronic way) to have it signed and stamped by them and then scanned and returend to me the same way?

If not, am I able to receive a bank statement or declaration of the bank that include: my name as account holder, bank’s name, and my IBAN account number to attach it to my financial form?

I would highly appreciate any help with this!

Thank you!!


I work in Brussels too for the EU Commission (but I’m paid by a private company, a contractor). Unfortunately the EU Institutions internal procedures are still in the last century.

Revolut is a digital bank, it will be impossible for them to sign this form. Open an ING account in Brussels and then transfer your money to Revolut from it. Now ING has become super fast, the money reach the Revolut accounts in 2-3 hours. The online account in ING is free, and all the SEPA transferts as well.


Thank you for your answer!