Question in regards transfers from sites that exchanging cryptocurrency


I recently made an account in Revolut and I have few question before start using it.
Does Revolut support SEPA transfers from following sites:


Let me elaborate more – If I have any assets in those exchange sites and make SEPA transfers (in EURO) to my virtual/physical card in Revolut, is there are going to be any issues with the transfer and will my money arrive in my virtual/physical card in Revolut?

Thanks in advance.

I believe I read somewhere on Revolut that at present they don’t allow currently support direct transfer to crypto exchanges. I think the reason is that the account is not SEPA.

I’ve found I can’t make transfers direct from Revolut to Coinbase.

My question to Revolut is whether this will change when they get their European banking licence.


@mightywalter, thanks for the answer!
Of course, it is going to be best for me if someone from the customer support team replay on the topic :wink:

Hey @mightywalter and @oktep :slight_smile:

AFAIK, the EUR account is SEPA and if you activate it you should be able to send funds to Coinbase (min.2€) without a problem.


Hi there.

At the moment you can buy, sell, exchange crypto within Revolut!

Find more info on our blog:

Hi AndreasK,

Thanks for the answer, but the answer did not answer my questions :wink:
Please, help me with the following:

  1. When you say that I “can buy, sell, exchange crypto within Revolut” does that mean that I can sell my crypto (let’s say Ethereum) to Revolut? Do Revolut support crypto wallet transfers? If it’s not – how am I supposed to sell crypto to Revolut? Please elaborate.

  2. If I made SEPA transfers from kraken or/and anycoindirect sites to Revolut card – are the transfer is going to be accepted by Revolut? Simple as this.

This time I expect firm answer and not copy-pasted one.
Thanks in advance.

Why not reading the blog post @anon33247966 linked? It’s explained there that wallet transfers aren’t possible right now.

Regarding EUR SEPA transfers: please search this forum. SEPA transfers in combination with Kraken, Coinbase, et al, are discussed here a lot. In short: it’s possible after activating your personal EUR IBAN account from within the app.