Question about trustworthiness of Information displayed in Revolut app


I’ve just found out about revolut and was pretty excited about everything promised. As I will be traveling the next couple of months I was planing on using revolut as my main source for cash and for paying by card. Thus I figured I would get the premium service.

I did upgrade yesterday and opted for the 12 month package. There it said there would be a free month and the fee for the 12 month would be billed after that month. I thought, oh cool didn’t now about this… But then today I noticed I was billed right away. Ok thats weird I figured and asked support about it. This is wat I got:

Personally I don’t really care about the free month… what I care about however, is having trust in whoever I leave my money with. Hearing “oh we only noticed that we made false promises and you now have to deal with whatever new terms we have” is very bad customer service. Also it makes me think about other “promised features” that might be bogus. So for now I’m definitely put back a bit and am looking for other alternatives. After all the lady pointed out so nice I can cancel for the first 14 days without charge…


Without charge apples only if one does not make use of the premium benefits. If you use them, a small deduction will be made for the benefits that were used. Check this out in the FAQs under “Premium”.


It used to be a free month indeed but it looks like they changed it to 14 days and the in-app message doesn’t reflect the change yet.
It is indeed unfortunate, but I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

I’ve had Revolut for more than a year and honestly aside from small issues like this one (yes, I consider this a small issue :grimacing:) I’ve never had any major problem.
When I compare them with the high street banks I also have, I’m MUCH happier with Revolut. My regular bank always disapoints me, on everything. Whenever I need something from them, either they don’t know or it costs an arm and a leg - won’t even get into details about their mobile app…

It’s not perfect yet, but they’re definitely trying to get better.
The overall existing service as well as the very low fees make it already 10 times better than regular banks.