Question About Topup Limit

I have a more complex question about the annual topup limit which I’m hoping someone can answer.

I trade cryptocurrency. Freelance accounts dont allow crypto (as per tos) , so I’m using a personal account.

I deposit money into revolut , and from there out to the crypto exchanges. Then , often the money is returned to my non-revolut bank account , or my revolut account , or perhaps to another exchange

This is resulting in my topup limits being used up pretty quickly. I’m on about 120k GBP , and this is being burned through - and not as a result of raw income.

I have shown this to support. They have raised my limit in the past based on the deposits shown from the crypto exchanges without a problem. I can prove the source of funds obviously in all cases.

My question is :

What is the maximum annual topup limit that revolut allows? I plan to move a bit more money around in crypto , but where does the limitations stop? Will I get a 500k GBP topup limit if I can prove source of funds? How about 1m GBP? How about 2m GBP?

I see the freelance account is <= 100K GBP per month incoming funds , but theres no info on the personal accounts.

I’m a premium customer , and have been very happy using revolut. The annual topup limit may become my only hurdle depending on how big it can get. I want to make contingency plans if the account becomes useless due to an annual limit that cannot be increased any further.

So far I have reached my top up limit 2 times, after each limit reach I have contacted the people from chat support and they have requested some papers and informations and for the first top up limit increase was OK after waiting 96h and now after the second request for the top up increase it is going very strange, I’m struggling for the last 3-4 days to increase it but they keep passing me to another and another and another person… And now I’m still in an 96h waiting :grinning: time.

This is up so far my experience with them, not so happy… I also have a premium account, good luck, I hope it works for you.

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