Question about purchases in Serbia


Hi everyone.

I already looked though old threads but I didn’t find anything. I would like to know if any of you have experiences using your revolut card while travelling to Serbia? How good were the conversion rates? any atm fees?

Thanks in advance!


I used it today for the first time. No issues 370 dinar cost me 3.17 euro . So 1 serbian dinar to 0.0085 euro.


Thank you for your answer @Revive that’s the google rate, amazing! Based on your experience so far, are cards broadly accepted in Serbia (Belgrade) or is it better to withdraw and use cash?


Hi, I have the same question with lfplazas10, will it be possible to use Revolut Card instead of cash, in Belgrade?


Hi there. I saw that you had experience about Revolut in Serbia. Do you have any idea how can I receive some money to my revolut card (account) from there. I expect 1000 euros from my friends and the Western Union is too expensive, so I tought to use Revolut. Thank you for your answer!.


Hi Lars,

You can request as normal on the revolut app and your friends can pay directly into your account.