Question about money transfers

How much money can i transfer from my French account to an other bank via revolut
And what the amount charge

You cant really transfer from one bank to another via Revolut. Well, yes you can, but that would be two different transactions.

What currencies are involved? And in which countries are the two banks located?


I want transfer from my French Bank to an Israeli bank.

And what a amount I can transfer ? I need to transfer 25000€ is that possible? If yes how much will be the charge ?


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That would be then a

  • SEPA transfer from France to Revolut
    and a
  • SWIFT transfer from Revolut to Israel

The first transfer should not cost anything but the second one would come with SWIFT charges (difficult to tell how much, as it depends on how many banks are inbetween - could be from 2 euro to 50)

Also, with 25000 you’d definitely need to increase your top-up limit and provide proof for the origins of the funds.

Cant you transfer it directly from your French bank? That would still be SWIFT (with its charges) but might be the easier solution.


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