Query re working in different jurisdiction


I live in Northern Ireland but work in the Republic of Ireland. I get paid in euros into a bank in the Republic of Ireland but need to transfer money to revolut card and convert to sterling. Is this an easy process and are there charges applied.


Hey @Una :slight_smile:

This should be easy and free if you don’t earn a lot :wink:
I believe you’ll find a more detailed answer in the FAQs:

You can also check the pricing here:


That just broke, https://revolut.com/fairusage.

@Una do you have a GBP account in Northern Ireland too or would you like to use Revolut there?


I have an account in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. I want to link it to my account in Ireland


In that case the easiest thing might be to transfer the amount from your Irish account to Revolut, exchange it from EUR to GBP and transfer it on to your Northern Irish account. No withdrawal limits in that case but only the EUR 5000 exchange limit (unless you have a premium account).


Of course 5000 GBP monthly :grin:
And annual limit - yearly


Is it easy to transfer from your bank account to the revolut card and then transfer from revolut to my Northern bank account?


I wouldnt expect difficulties. The transfer from your Irish account to Revolut should be a regular SEPA transfer in Euro and the second one should be a domestic British transfer from Revolut to your NI account in GBP.


I am trying to get my head around how it all works. Hopefully it will be straight forward


Hey Una,

I regularly do the same and it’s super easy.

I use KBC in the Republic and transfers to and from Revolut are almost always completed on the same day as long as I complete the transfer in the morning.

Converting it from EUR to GBP is also, super super easy and done in a second.

Sending it on to your UK bank account is easy too and is often available within minutes.

The biggest wait is dealing with the slothfulness of SEPA transfers :slight_smile:


Irish EUR account -> Revolut EUR account -> internal conversion to GBP *) -> Revolut GBP account -> Northern Irish GBP account

*) only free up to EUR 5000/month with a standard account or unlimited with a premium account


I have ordered a card and I think it’s the best option for me to transfer money safely