Query about 20% markup on card payments


Does anyone know why a purchase on my Revolut card in Perú shows on my account as 20% higher? (eg I am authorising a payment of 200 soles (local currency) & card machine voucher shows correct amount but my account shows a debit of 240 soles (which is then converted to GBP). Happening multiple times in different restaurants etc. No response from online support…


Same to me. Are there any suggestions how to avoid this? It seems nothing to do with the question “sin quotas” or “with quotas”. Surcharged 20% every time here in peru…it doesn’t seem a problem with the card, because in other countries I had no such differences in amounts charged.


This was discussed here before, when I remember correctly. Try to search for Peru. :wink:


As confirmed on the other posts about Peru, Revolut replied to me “We know about this issue. The Merchants in Peru charge you a higher amount then (sic) on the receipt. But you can see it only when the transaction is pending. When the transaction will be completed you will see the same amount as on the receipt”.
I’m glad to say that was the case for me with all transactions where the 20% was initially added on. But what I do ask Revolut is why (if you know about things like this) is there no resource that allows your customers to find out this information (e.g. ‘tips for using your Revolut card in XYZ’, rather than have many different customers all chasing the very busy Support function while they are worrying about being ripped off?


I don’t think this is specific to Revolut cards.

The FAQs do have all sorts of tips for travelers, like using London Transport, or double bookings in restaurants in the US. And there is this forum here where users share their experience. And it is searchable. :wink:

I can see a wiki like data base for travel destinations being a maintenance nightmare. Card processing is a complex topic. And it changes so fast. That would be a very expensive endeavor to keep it updated. And often one would probably need people on site to test things. I remember an ongoing discussion about how to make the card work with New York’s metro ticket machines. There were at least three different solutions discussed. Users reported solution A worked for them. Others said A didn’t work, but B and so on.


Thanks for reply. I did use the search function but:
I checked and for 3,4 weeks old payments already completed, no more pending, there is still the 20% high difference compared to the receipt…


Why not get in contact with the other users that noticed this to discuss this topic? Maybe they can share their experience. In case you believe a merchant unlawfully charged you too much, you could always file an official complaint and maybe initiate a chargeback.


That’s I think a forum is used for. Maybe there are some user with some experience.

thanks for writing. As for now the chargeback process is ongoing. Let’s see whats happening next


The exact thing happened to me on 4 transactions!! Used my Mastercard and got overcharged 20% on all restaurant transactions.

Did you get your money back??


Yes. My experience in this post:


I’m having the same problem in Peru. It only happens in certain places.

For example it happens for me in Estacion 329 (cafe in Lima) but not in Cate Tasting Room (another cafe) which is around the corner.

Tried logging out of the app and logging in again.
This did not work for me.

The store and card machine receipt both say S/15.00 but in Revolut I see S/18.

I don’t think the places where it happens are controlling it. It happened to me in Kokopelli hostel in Cusco but not in Kokopelli hostel in Lima.
At the time I asked the hostel in Cusco about it and they said they didn’t add anything extra to card payments as could be seen from the card machine receipt they gave me. They also showed me a print out from the machine of all their transactions from the morning and mine could be seen with the correct amount yet it’s not correct in Revolut.