QR codes for outgoing SEPA payments


The European Payments Council published guidelines in 2012 for QR codes to support SEPA payments:

These guidelines are also explained on a Wikipedia page on the subject. The payee gives a QR code to the payer, who scans it, thereby avoiding manual entry of all fields, reducing the scope for error. Although the scope for error on manual entry of IBANs is already eliminated by check digits, the same is not true of the payee reference, which payers often omit in error or mistype.

Unlike traditional banks’ browser-based online banking, payments from Revolut accounts are always initiated from a device that contains a camera, namely a smartphone. Therefore Revolut is particularly well-placed to support these QR codes for making outgoing SEPA payments.

Although the use of QR codes for SEPA payments is not yet widespread, it would nevertheless be an easy feature for Revolut to build.



Great idea which should not be to difficult to implement and it would give Revolut clearly another advantage over its competitors.

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