Qr code payment like wechat


In my opinion it would be fantastic.It should be free for both side.


Request money with QR code should be very useful.
Some TAXI driver could receive money with this solution.
We have a Payment link feature in the Revolut app. QR code should also be there!


Revolut has a close proximity payment system, if you go to Payments and click “Find People Near Me”, I think this is probably a good equivalent.

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Yes, but if I gave you a QR code, you could read it by any phone (also a non Revolut member) and it will jump to the credit card surface, where you could top up my account… like a simple request link.
So, above the link there should be a QR code :wink:

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yes! Fast QR code like wechat! This is what we need in Europe!


You mean like this European Fintech?



You can do that with a qr code generator.
I know lots of steps but you can do that somehow. Also, If you use ios and shortcuts app its much easier to generate a qr code from revolut payment link function.


Slightly different things, though. While one certainly can create a QR code that encodes either banking details (like an IBAN, amount for transfer … ) or a link like the Rev.me payment link, Wechat Pay and Bluecode are mobile payment / P2P payment methods that, in simple terms, work like Apple Pay but use a barcode instead of NFC.


Rev.me is the only way to be paid from non-Revolut members as @Laki mentioned.
If rev.me does not support apple pay yet for instant payments its also an other topic.

So, you generate qr codes from rev.me links for those outside revolut and use find people near me for revolut members as @James said.

Although, Laki gave an not so good example as using rev.me for business purpose is forbitten. You can’t use rev.me as a pos machine!


Correct. My post was a direct response to @hadic who seems to have referred to the more general product WeChat (pay) that’s an Apple Pay competitor in his “feature request”. That’s why I wrote “slightly different things”. :slightly_smiling_face: