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I have recently visited a bar that was accepting payments through Revolut. In order to pay though, I had to add the number of the individual’s account to my contacts and then send the money through the app.

It would be really cool if businesses could use QR Codes (printable or from a screen to generate receipts) and the clients could scan and pay through that code (within the app).


This is genius! Not only for bussines. Today i have troubles to add an account to make a transfer to my flatmate wich also have revolut. If just had a generated qr code in the app with the contact data i can scan this code within the app and make the transfer instantly without having to complete all the fills to add the account info.
@AndreasK could you take this sugestion please?


+1 Awesome idea! :r:

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This is a very cool idea. In Denmark MobilePay already does this and it is easy to use at small coffee shops etc.

Another idea is to give Business’ small numbers that are not real phone numbers like “68231”


Vipps does that in Norway, the part where they give businesses short numbers.