Qatar Airways and others (in general)



I have booked a flight with Revolut at Qatar Airways and I was inspired to use the plastic card. Wanted to warn you to do the same and not use virtual cards or even less, disposable ones because guess what, I have received a mail to present the card at the check-in desk.

Nice trips guys!


Thanks for the heads-up. I intend to buy some tickets from Qatar Airways using Revolut because my bank is using a huge conversion rate. Did they (Qatar Airways) ask for the payment method at the check-in desk eventually?


Yes, that‘s common with some airlines. Iberia also tells their customers that they might have to show the card when checking in.


A lot of booking places ask for the plastic card: airplanes, car rental, hotels

Pretty common practice.



At the check-in they asked me to do a transaction of 1 euro at one of the POS and then they reverted it and everything was ok.
Use the physic (plastic) card when you book!

Have a nice trip!


Thanks for your help. I’ve ordered the physical card to be on the safe side.


It’s a ridiculous requirement. There are many scenarios other than yours where it is impossible to present the card used for payment. For example, between the time of booking and the time of travel, your card issuer might replace your card because of fraud, expiry, loss, theft or malfunction. Airlines realise this and will always find a workaround if you are unable to present the same card used for booking.


Exactly. Also I quite often book airline ticket for another passenger using my card. I never have to give up my card when we’re not travelling together.

Never found an airline refuse boarding because of this.


Calm down guys. Just posted what I had to do… From what I’ve read, if someone else pays for the plane there is another way to do the verification online but I just took the card with me at the check-in desk .


No worries, it’s good to exchange about such things and get feedback from other people about this topic :slight_smile:


Quite calm :). Just relating my experience.