Q Park Ni Ltd attempted payment

Just seeing an attempt (Pending) by Q Park Ni Ltd to take £1 from my account. I don’t know who Q Park are nor how they got my card number. Should I be concerned?
There is a company in Dublin called Quick Park but they don’t have my card and have no connection with Ni.

Hey, have you recently used your card in a parking terminal?

No, I have never used the card in a parking terminal.

I would freeze it and contact support.

Contact support!!!
Did you ever try to do that?
But thanks for your interest and for the suggestion.

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I have the exact same pending transaction (£1) this morning on my N26 account. Q Park claim no knowledge and that they have no account Q Park NI Ltd (therefore the transaction is likely fraudulent). N26 is currently investigating.

Maybe some one is leaking card data. But why a measly £1.
I use my card only with Amazon.
There is a registered company called “Q Park Ni Ltd” - looks dodgy.
I have cancelled my Revolut card at their suggestion.

Have you used the car park at The Quays in Newry? My partner and I both had payments to Q Park NI Ltd that we thought were fraud. After a bit of thinking, we realised that they are payments for parking at The Quays, delayed from about 3 months ago.

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AH! Now there’s a thought. Yes, I was in Newry Quays a few months back and pretty sure I used the Revolut card. Don’t know if they took the payment as I was advised to cancel the card by Revolut.
Just checked now and they got their payment. Damn nuisance cancelling the card.
Thanks for clarification.