Putted the wrong address and mobile app blocked me out



I live in London but I putted my US address as I was traveling there for work. I figured I could change the address later but I wasnt able and when access the mobile app it shows me a screen that say: You are 25000 of blah blah people waiting for the app in your country…

How can i get this changed? Thank you!!!


Hey Godiaz

You should contact support through the app. If that is not possible you can try to write to Revolut on Facebook or Twitter :slight_smile:


Let me know if you need help.


Hey guys I do need help… I just need to change that address… how can I do so?


It’s best to send Andreas a DM here with all the details, inclunding the phone number you’ve used to register.


Hi Andreas,

My account seems to be blocked because i putted my US temporary address instead of my UK (permanent one); now it seems I cant change it… how can i do this?



Are you a UK resident?


Yes ( it says to put at least 20 chars.)


I have an actual permanent address in the UK…


Ok. Could you please send me a direct message?