Put money in revolution and can't verify identity

I put money into revolut and I want the money put back into my bank as I cannot verify identity

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You can talk to support. They can send the money back to where it came from.


How do you talk to support if you don’t have uograde package

I have opened an account today, transferred money to it, ordered my card etc. Now I can’t verify my identity. Every time I hit the ‘passport’ option the app crashes and closes??

Contact :r: via in-app chat or social media (twitter/facebook).

But I don’t understand why so many people get the order wrong:
1. Sign-Up
2. Verify identity
3. Transfer a small amount of money and order a card.
4. Transfer a bit more money and start using :r:

But maybe :r: should stop accepting money & credit card orders until the identity is fully verified.

I followed each step exactly as they were presented to me once I had downloaded the app

OK. AFAIR there is an option to skip “top-up money and order a card” and to first verify identity. This should probably be the default order. This will spare :r: and a lot of users some trouble. They are already overwhelmed by all the account locks and support requests.

I have a friend that is unable to verify his identity for some reason, but he already made the account, received his card and all, so what gives? I helped him through the process thinking that he was doing something wrong, but it almost immediately gives errors.