Push notifications stopped working around v3 release. Anyone else getting this problem?

I used to receive a push notification every-time I made a purchase or if Support answered a query. Around the time of the release of v3, and the server problems that lasted some 24h, notifications stopped.

I have a Huawei Mate 8 running Marshmallow (Android 6). Wondering if its just me or whether anyone else is affected?

Since my hardware hasn’t changed, the logic is that something changed on Revolut’s side.


Can you check if the notification settings on your device are enabled?

The app has always had all its permissions.

This morning, I joined the Beta group 3.01 and the push notifications for
the first two tranascations of the day were received, but none after that!

I’m also facing the same problem, I believe it started week or two ago, Revolut notifications are not appearing.
My hardware configuration didn’t change, and I didn’t changed any permissions for the app, only updated Revolut via Google Play store.
Running it on LG G5 H860 (dual-SIM) with Android 6.01.

Ooops, I was supposed to update this thread.

I did eventually get to the bottom of the problem, but my solution may not apply in your case, since we have different models:

The Huawei Mate 8 has a very aggressive battery manager, and terminates applications when you select another App. Once I stopped the Mate 8 from ‘optimizing’ the Revolut app and “protected” it from auto optimization the notifications resumed.

Check if you have optimization built into your OS or you are running a third party optimizer.

I just put Revolut app in the “ignore optimizations” list on my LG’s, but I doubt that this will help because other applications notifications are working well, and Revolut worked well until last update (or second last, I’m not sure anymore).
Now I am waiting for transaction (just asked friend to borrow me 1€), and after that I’ll update this thread.

I had the same struggle with the logic as some notifications from other Apps come through even though they are not protected. However, it did seem to resolve the issue for the Revolut App.

I assume that Revolut is doing or not doing something in their App involving push notifications which may require it to be active in the background.

Hopefully it will be your problem too!

I reported this to support via the app back on 5th August. The support response was that they are aware of the issue and it is not only an Android problem. He assured me that Revolut would update all users when this problem was fixed, and |I’ve had no update since.

I would have hoped that Revolut would be updating the Bugs section themselves to advise whether they are aw are of the bug/any progress, and when fixed but it appears not unfortunately :unamused:

Since a few days now, Revolut has stopped generating notifications again.

No changes to my configuration / setup so I am baffled why?

Did Revolut tweak something on the servers?

Hi @BritinSA,

Try to loo out and log back in and let me know if it works please.


Andreas K

I uninstalled and reinstalled (I’m on the 3.0.50 release).

Curiously, the SMS was not received on reinstall and I had to contact
support for a manual authorisation. Normally, I do receive the authorising
SMS, no problem.

Haven’t had an opportunity to test yet. WILADV.

After logging out and back in, the issue is resolved, at least for me and with the one transaction I made in the meantime.

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Yep, also have the same problem. No notifications issued after card usage. I’ve contacted Support but it’s out of hours so hopefully I’ll receive a reply some time tomorrow.
Notifications ceased about a week ago, I think.

Franclyn, did you try to logout from application and login again?

@Kreso - thanks for the tip. That’s what Support suggested too :slight_smile:
I have now logged out and logged in again. Haven’t made a transaction yet though, so I don’t know if it’s cured the problem.

Well, you can always send me 0,01€ for test (I’ll send it back to you) :slight_smile:
If you wish, send me pvt message, and I’ll send you my phone number (If I’m correct, that’s what we need for money exchange).

You don’t need phone number. You can send just a link

I’m not sure how to send link? You meaning my referral link?

If I want to send someone money, I got the option to choose from my existing contacts or add a contact with the name and email.

You can put anything in the email or phone.

Then you get a link

Strange, when I click on “Send” I have totally different screen than yours. Only list of “Friends at Revolut”, without SMS, Whatsap, email or Copy link.
Strange… What’s your version of app? (Mine is 3.0.50).