Push Notifications not arriving on iOS

Hello everyone, is anyone else experiencing missing push notifications for all transactions on iOS? No money going in or out of my account are being notified at all for a week now.

This coincides roughly with the release of iOS 16.

More information:

  • I have fully removed and redownloaded the Revolut app and signed back in to no avail.
  • I have let Revolut support know about this who are still looking into it. This also confirmed that push notifications in general are working for Revolut, as the chat messages are notified just fine.
  • There has been a bug fix release of the Revolut app in the past week but this was not fixed.
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Hi, I’m having the exact same problems as you described. I’ve reported these issues to the support team in the in-app chat, but they haven’t been able to sort it out yet.

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Same here.
They say that many customers complained about it.
Resolution still in progress.

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Same issue here, really annoying…

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Hi, update from support:

According to my colleagues we will release in the following days a patch update to our app. By performing that update the glitch will be solved.

We recommend that you do the update as soon as it’s available, and to let us know if there is any further issue you face. Meanwhile, accept our apologies again, and thank you very much for your understanding.

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Absolutely same issue here. But to be fair it’s not only Revolut that is facing that issue, I have same situation with “My Audi” also notifications are gone after an upgrade to iOS 16.

Seems good with the last update! :metal:

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