Push notifications in chat


Why does the app not notify me when I receive an answer in chat?


Probably b/c Revolut is having a global problem with push notifications and it’s been so for the last few days.

Is that correct? Are you guys still not getting notifications?


No, it has always been like that. I imagine it’s so that you forget about the chat and go away but I’d like to hear it officially.


I don’t think they’ve done this on purpose, but I agree the chat notifications rarely work…

Chart support is definitely one of the areas they can improve on:

  • Make notifications work
  • Make sure to have enough staff to answer quickly
  • Tell the staff to READ the questions. Half of the time they answer partially or not at all.
  • Organize the chat differently, with a ticketing system. Currently if you want to find an answer they gave to a specific question a while ago, it’s a real pain.
  • If doing the ticket system: let US close the ticket once we consider it resolved (or auto-close it after x days). I know it’s important for you to say “we resolve people’s problem in average in 19 minutes!” but it’s not really the case.
  • Allow us to answer at night: I once had someone from the Compliance team answer at ~1am, I was actually awake and saw the message, but couldn’t answer!

Not exactly related to the support, but it seems the ID verifications system could also be improved. I mean I only saw my own ID check + my sister’s and it was flawless (< 10 minutes), but it seems many people are stuck and don’t get answers through chat, and come here… it shouldn’t be this way.

I’m not complaining for the sake of it: I love Revolut, I receive my salary on it and use it to pay for nearly everything. I really want you guys to succeed! :heart_eyes: :wink:


Hi there. Are you on Android?


No, iOS.

Yes, I reinstalled and allowed all notifications.


just chiming in that iOS chat notifications with support no longer work here either